Cause co-Motion! / What’s Your Rupture?

Love is all Cause co-motion Whats your rupture
Besides the fact one of the dudes in Cause co-Motion! happens to be an old, old, friend of the Meathaus, a bandmate in Ancient Justice, and a coconspirator of the practically defunct but too funky Beard Records, well….. besides that fact, the Cause co-Motion! just happens to be such an amazing band that it would deserve a post here and much of you giving a listen anyways.

Based in NYC, they have a new 7″ four song EP put out by Kevin over at What’s Your Rupture that has been seeing play even out here in old Los Angeles, on the baddest ass of stations, KXLU, which you can stream to where ever you are in the world.

Recently, the group got a nice track review over at Pitchfork. And the track in question you can download here. But head over to the Cause co-Motion! website for more.

What’s Your Rupture also is putting out sexy music from other impressive bands such as The Long Blondes and Love is all. All recommended for you!

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