Ralph Bakshi

Teenage Ralph Bakshi on Brooklyn Roof
When I was in my last year at the animation program at SVA, Ralph showed up and began teaching 3rd year students. I knew I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the few animation directors whose work really got me excited to work in the medium. Ralph is a true artist, and that was the first thing I learned when I started sitting in on his classes. He cut all the bullshit out of the classroom experience right away. He said something like “I don’t care about grades, I’ll give you all A’s I don’t care. You came here learn or just fuck around, but if you came here to learn you’ll come to class every week and work hard…” …

School ended and I went on to be able to work with Ralph on a variety of different projects including film pitches and his official website. The site has since grown and there are a few more people redesigning sections (front page) and adding more (media page and downloads), etc. It is great source of inspiration and information on one of the great artists and social critics of recent times.

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Hey Chris,

Great to see the new blog on Meathaus. I was just posting on the Bakshi board about all the contributors to the site and thought of meathaus. (I love Go For the Gold and display it prominently inhome)

Keep Up the Great Work,

Brother Rabbit

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