Neil O’Brien Art

One time, many years ago, Neil, Spencer, Olivia and I were sitting down to watch The Last Waltz at Olivia’s apartment. Neil stared happily at a painting Olivia had done and said, “Geez Olivia, you really rendered the shit out of that.” That’s my character note for Mr. O’Brien: funny, honest and complimentary. As far as I know, Neil is also the only person to ever get a ticket for riding his bike down the wrong way of a service road in Stuy Town (that’ll be included in a later blog entry: Stuy Town stories. We all got em…)

On my kitchen wall, I have a painting of a can of Schlitz that he rendered the shit out of a while back:

Neil also plays the drum kit in two high-class rock outfits: the Jersey-based Ribeye Brothers and The Butterflies of Love. His website has a gallery of art and contact information. Get into it.

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