Our friend Mu is a master of, well, you name it

I think about our good friend Mu a lot. Not only does he know where to get the best soup dumplings in America, but he is also an artist and cartoonist of serious merit. Mu has been a Meathaus contributor since the early days and that tradition will continue with his very excellent offering that will appear in Meathaus issue 8, Headgames (which, word on the street is, will be available very soon).

Mu graduated from Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts some years back, and after toiling away in the flash animation dungeons for a while, he wisely decided to return to SVA for some post graduate work. Over the holiday, I had the opportunity to visit Mu’s studio at SVA and was blown away by some of the large-scale, highly realized paintings he’s doing, like the work-in-progress seen above.

Should you meet Mu, he will also be able to recommend good books to you, like this one. But regardless, you should check out his site,

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