John K drawings

John Kricfalusi drawings
Spumco bigshot and Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi has started a blog, with the initial post being a sampling of some of the great caricatures that he cranks out based on the celebrity photos in gossip magazines. John goes beyond just posting the drawings, he explains his process in drawing them and what his decision making process and priorities are in the caricature process.

Naturally, John’s work attracts people with the finest taste in cartoons, so even a look into the comments section gets you links to Spumco fans with their own great work professional and otherwise, plus more comments from John.

John was one of a bunch of artists with sketchbook pages in the Meathaus GO FOR THE GOLD sketchbook anthology that came out last year, and is always available to buy here.

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Pfft Spumco fan base. What a bunch of pretentious cunts wining about how the old days were SOOOO much better when cartoons danced around a barnyard playing the ukulele. They can all shit in their hat.

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