Katie Nice Rice

Katie Nice Katie Rice drawings

Katie Rice is one of the many great cartoonists who worked during the most recent boom period of Spumco when they were making the Adult Party Cartoon (the new Ren and Stimpy episodes for Spike TV). I had the pleasure of hanging around the studio a bunch during the final months of that production, meeting her and the other artists, and even doing a few layouts for one episode. Katie was already on her second Spumco run, having been there a few years earlier as well working on some of the Flash productions John had going, such as Weekend Pussy Hunt.

Since Spumco has been in hibernation, Katie has moved on to work at the other cartoon studios in town, but continues her work with John K on a variety of projects, including a new music video for Weird Al. Katie also has been maintaining a blog full of great and fun drawings, mostly of the cute girl variety. She was most likely instrumental in convincing her mentor John in starting his own blog, which has become popular almost immediately.

Lastly, Katie also contributed pages of bizarrely cute and wild girls to the GO FOR THE GOLD! sketchbook that we put out late last year, and is still available to get here.

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