Tuesday! NYC! Roger Human Being and Paper Fleet!

Roger Human Being will open your eyes with rock. Paper Fleet (featuring Meathauser Jim Campbell) will staple the rock to those very same eyes, and the two outfits will then combine forces to metaphorically strap you into an Eric Roberts sex chair and take you to the clouds and the rain.

I won’t be at Sin-e in the East Village tomorrow night to see this show because I live three thousand miles away and currently have less than three digits in my bank account. But for the rest of you jet setters and five-borough inhabitants, you better bring it.

As an homage to this event, I will relate to you a fun little anecdotal artifact about long-time Meathaus friend, RHB. Roger invented “punch it in.” And by “punch it in” I mean the following: you and a good buddy have just finished work and are walking down the street or sitting in the local public house or eating a burrito. And but so you begin talking about your plans for the evening. Different options of varying excitement are presented and it’s finally decided you will retire to friend A’s house after dinner to watch some form of filmed entertainment, let’s say for instance, Tommy Boy.

And so, you say, “Allright man, Tommy Boy, your house. I’ll cruise over there after I pop home and drop off my bag.”

And your friend says, “Punch it in.” and raisies his fist like a cocked punch ready to fly. You follow in suit, and the fists meet in a symbolic explosion of camaraderie.

Yeah, Roger invented that. Many years back, the preferred co-worker greeting at our long lost mutual place of employment, Angelica Kitchen, was “grip it!” This greeting/camaraderic gesture was used in very much the same way as “punch it in.” A hand was extended, and it was gripped with a percussive slap. One day, after watching Heathers the night before, just as “grip it” began to grow a bit stale, Roger came in and asked someone to punch it in. The gesture took on a life of its own and is now one of the most used greeting in the United States, second only to “what’s your twenty?”

Roger Human Being and Paper Fleet at Sin-e: 150 attorney st @ stanton 10002 212-388-0077

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Jay, your wordsmithery takes me back to the golden-frosted NYC days like nothing much else, except perhaps a live showing of the one-man-rock-band Rogerhumanbeing. Sadly, being an ex-New york resident, I have yet to pleasure my ears in the sound waves the aforementioned Paper Fleet. But I’ll tell you, I’ve heard things…. I’VE HEARD THINGS!!!

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