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I saw some of Jesse Moynihan’s drawings in this Philly zine “Assificado” a couple of years ago and was really really impressed and we started corresponding. He’s since put out two issues of his own comic called “The Backwards Folding Mirror” which I think is just incredible. Issue number two just came out. It’s very inventive, very very smart and very funny. While reading it I constantly think, “Darn, wish I’d thought of that…”. I’d praise it more, but it feels weird since we sorta know each other. The work speaks for itself anyway.
He self-publishes and doesn’t fit into any particular niche, so I’m trying to spread some awareness of his work. He’s got a site for his self publishing company Nonlocal Books where you can read sample pages from “TBFM”. He’s also got a personal site where you can see bits from some of his other projects. I recommend the strips he did for the Philadelphia Independant. Here’s one:

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Oh yeah I love these. Did Jesse ever do comics in Charles Bordin’s Philadelphia Funny Papers? That was the free comics paper that was around for three or four years in Philly. Has Jesse met up with Jeffro Kilpatrick’s Philly Cartoonists Society?

I don’t know about that stuff. I think probably not. He’s definitely been in the excellent Philadelphia Independant, along with me (I think) and Dash (I’m pretty sure). It’s also the best place to see new stuff by Jacob Weinstein, who I think either edits or art directs over there, and is prominently featured in the comics section usually. He’s the guy that did “Dirty Boxes” which was a Xeric winner a few years back. Helluva draftsman… helluva draftsman.

Assificado! I want Assificado. I used to read it back in the day. My favorite was the bird who said “Caw!” Is there any way to get back issues?

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