“Milky Way” End Credit Drawings

Last summer I did the end credit drawings for Sean Bloch’s color 16mm short film “The Milky Way”. The short is about a boy who draws the women his single father brings home.
During the end credits it shows a lot of his previous drawings, charting his progression over the years. The goal being to show a wide variey of different women, some with traits that the boy would single out (The girl with the jewelry, with the veins in her arms, etc..) It ends with the drawing done during the movie.
I tried to show a progression, moving from black and white to color, and an interesting “filmic” sequence, since the drawings “replace” each other during the cuts, so it’s kind of like a slow-moving stop-motion animation, if you can imagine that when you look at these.
Sean’s an artist himself, so he had a hand in a lot of these drawings too. I asked him to e-mail jpegs of the stills for me to post them here. I don’t think this is the final text on the credits, though, and these aren’t all of the stills since I didn’t want to crap up all of the space on this blog. The short’s currently running at festivals all over, while Sean’s working on a more ambitious project.

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