Austin=Nintendo-Electro-Noise Art Epicenter

Have you seen/heard of any/all of these electro/disco/house/noise/punk/Art/nintendo/acid/bands coming out of texas???

Holy shit it’s like they stole the semen off my kleenex and stuffed it into some magical forest hippie chick’s wombs and had babies. Then incubated and raised
said children on awesome 80’s cartoons/pop culture, old school nintendo and psych/electro/techno/folk music then sent them to art school….WTF????

Either they’re making mad hallucinogenics pumping it through the water in playgrounds out there or the public magnet art high schools are stealing children from the future…regardless I still think it’s pretty rad on the lo-fi paper rad-fort thunder-ish tip…

WTF is this for real?

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I’m learning how to “cook” out here int he wild west. Maybe I’ll share my recipe once it’s perfected.

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