Not Much Love From Africa?

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I love checking out this free stat thing from Clustrmaps. We have the standard hit tracking software from our host, and we also have one of those free ones that shows you “geo-tracking”, but this one is cool because of the visualization. One quick look and you can tell that we need more love from the African continent.

To be fair, that map has only been tracking for less then a month. Our old stat tracker has reported visits from many African nations over the last four or five years. And it has also tracked visitors from cool places I’ve never heard of, such as the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Niue, Maldives, New Caledonia, Saint Lucia, Suriname, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Macao, Mauritius, and Herzegovina! Hey, if any of you guys visit from any of those places again, drop a line and say hello. Maybe we can be pen pals?

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Ha! I was just looking at that today and thinking the same thing. And what’s the deal with our Maple Leafed brothers to the north? Canadians love comics, how come they’re leaving us in the cold?

i make up part of that dot, second from the left (in australia)… haza!

props to the dots in the water. hardcore.

“You think that just cos a guy reads comics, that he can’t start some sh*t?”

I have a feeling it may have something to do with the none too perfect system they have for tracking. Is it possible that many of our Canadian brothers are being tracked via ISPs based in the good ol USA? Wait! Here is a bit from their FAQ:

“A friend of mine from X is not having his visits to my site registered in my ClustrMaps: why?

There may be two reasons for that: (i) the IP of your friend’s computer may be owned by a company registered somewhere else or (ii) the IP is not recognized by the IP -> geo-location translator or it might be mapped wrongly. A typical case when the location is not recognized correctly are dial-up connections; the ISP registers set of IPs for a whole country (and possibly allocates them dynamically to connections), moreover the ISP itself can be a company based in a different country. However for most IPs the translation works pretty reliably.”

Or the other possibility is that we are universally ignored in Canada?

[…] Well at least someone from these countries visited our site once. And they left a little red dot on our Clustrmap. A while back when we installed the map thing, it was clear that we weren’t getting much love from the continent of Africa. But South Africa has made up for that and is carrying the entire continent recently based on a few visits and solid orders for books. The UK has always been a solid competitor in international visits and orders, as has Israel, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Norway has recently joined the gang taking their place along side Belgium, France and Germany as possible future MEathaus powerhouses. But the question remains: Where are the Mongolians? […]

Hey there 🙂
Well I wonder if my visit will contribute to a dot! A LARGE SUPER DUPER BIG HELLO FROM TUNISIA (and if you wonder where that is, check the little new point that will hopefully appear on the north of Africa!)
Well, don’t underestimate your blog or the Internet in Africa, but people in general are on Facebook rather than here XD
Plus we do speak Arabic and let’s say as a whole it is more common to find French speakers around!
Keep up the good work, and I’ll stop around as much as I can, so keep posting good stuff!

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