Lavender Diamond is Triumphant!

Laverder Diamond

Lavender Diamond are the champions of my triumphant music sound space! I only have the one four song EP, but it has rotated heavily in my mind and in my music player daily. Becky Stark’s lead vocalizing song and the bands full room of strings and sounds are the first I reach for when an elevating light filled music journey is what I need. There is something very perfect about the shortness of an EP, it is not much more then a taste but it satisfies completely. I recommend this music– for a bite, listen to this opening jamz, and go to their website for more of everything and to get a copy yourself.

Other members of Lavender Diamond include Ron Rege Jr., comic creator of one of the best books I’ve read, Skibber Bee Bye, and Jeff Rosenberg (ex-Young People, which is also an AWESOME BAND).

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