Matt Furie Zines Are The Now.

Matt Furie zines and art website

Oh yeah, A.P.E. was great fun, should do a quick post about that later too. Meathaus was situated with the back of our table facing the back of another table that I couldn’t help eyeballing all morning. There seemed to be some fun time art on the table and the boombox they had played the most enticing jams. Later, when I got a chance I ran over to buy as many zines as I could. They are all awesome. And here is where to go to get your own zines and art from the dude who was there, Matt Furie. Pictured here is some of his work.

Matt furie Drawings

The Bruner Family
Barry Bruner is a talented, successful illustrator. Jordan Bruner does amazing animation work. Barry is in the band “Choclatron”. Jordan is in the band “Love Eats Brains”. Their mom, Vicki, is a professional illustrator. The whole family is insanely talented and they’re super-nice people to boot. What is the Bruner family secret?

– above illustration is by Barry, of Jordan

Just Keep Smiling

Kristy Gordon Just Keep Smiling Journal Comic

Previously noted Kristy Gordon (fine landscape and portrait painter and ex-Spumco artist), has moved her previously noted awesome journal comic to a new blogger location for mysterious reasons! And besides that, she has added a load of older strips down below the new ones. Watch as her cartooning becomes more confident and appealing as you move upwards and enjoy every panel of funny and real stories.