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The Placebo Man

tomer:: by the end of 2000 I was done with SVA and Asaf had already signed with a publisher in France– his first European album was about to be published. we decided to do this thing, a two person anthology, where we each contribute half of the content and the only justification for it being under one roof was our identical DNA. Bipolar was self published for the first two books, and then was picked up by Alternative Comics. The Placebo Man collects my best comics work from the past six years, including stories previously published in Bipolar and New Thing.

Tomer Hanuka Placebo Man

Pizzeria Kamikaze
asaf :: the story was originally serialized in Bipolar in five chapters. in this square format collection, the grey was turned into silver. from the back cover ” I think she cried at my funeral. It’s not like I’m conceited or anything, but I’m pretty sure. Sometimes I can actually picture her talking about me to some guy she feels close to. Talking about me dying. About how they lowered me into the grave, kinda shrivelled up and pitiful, like an old chocolate bar. About how we never really got a chance. And afterwards the guy would stick it to her, and it would be all about making her feel better.”
Pizzeria Kamikaze is about a guy with a broken heart who committed suicide only to find himself at Pizza Kamikaze, a regular day job in a world where everyone died before. now, it’s about passing time.
written by Etgar Keret
illustrated by Asaf Hanuka
Asaf hanuka

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Just got mine today. That’s one of the most beautiful book covers I’ve seen in a long time. So sharp…

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