I designed a board for “Risk”

dash's risk front
dash's risk

I guess I was pretty bored. I love the “Risk” variants, “Risk: Godstorm” and “Risk:2210”. But my version doesn’t have any cool cards and extra rules. If you have a copy of the original game, it plays the same. “Meat Haus” is one of the territories.

There’s a larger version here:
at my website
And that site has a link to an even larger 20 X 30 inch version that you can print out and play on if you like.

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my brother and i went crazy w/ risk back in the day. i had no idea there other variants. do you have a larger image of the board you can post?

There’s a larger version on my website that I linked to. And that has a link to a larger version on it.

I remember Oregon Trail. I think people played it on the school computers all the time.

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