Tomer Hanuka Updates

New Tomer Hanuka Portfolio website

Tomer Hanuka has updated his website. Foregoing thumbnail navigation, the impact of his illustrations all at once at a full viewing resolution is almost overwhelming. Also, while you are there, check out Tomer’s new book collecting the best of his comic work from 2000 to 2005, Placebo Man.

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Well I still don’t understand what you meant by your first comment or the context, and your second probably sarcastic comment didn’t shed any more light on your problem. In case you were wondering, I posted the entry about Tomer’s work- not him. It seems like a personal issue that you have here. We’re listening in case you want to “work it out”, you know? Meathaus always extends a friendly shoulder to cry on.

“Meathaus always extends a friendly shoulder to cry on.”

That’s the problem with Meathaus.

“A wounded ego screaming for recognition.”

This applies to all true artists but as I have shown, it’s considered very impolite to make them aware of it.

i wouldn’t pay attention to bitter unhappy critics who have lost their feel as i live in the city of art i see lot of it and its not the worst and i say it ain’t bad if it inspires

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