James Jean and Muwen Pan in Show This Friday

Unforgiving Ballpoint pen show James Jean Mu Pan

There is an opening reception this Friday for the show UNFORGIVING, at the Changing Room, 3 Centre Market Place, New York, NY. The show runs from April 28th – May 6th 2006. This show features ball point pen drawings, and of course Meathaus’ own James Jean and Muwen Pan. Cover image above by James.

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Unless I die first, I will be at the reception on Friday.

Let’s see if we can refute the following:

Definition of Art: The death throes of a disintegrating soul.

Opening night of an Arts show: Where dying souls can come together to laugh away the emptiness.

Alcohol: Used to excite the death throes, to squeeze as much out of the remains as possible.

The artist: One who deceives himself into believing that he is an individual.

Opening night: A gathering of people who deceive themselves into believing they are individuals.

…All the while, the mad Van Gogh is ignored or spat upon.

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