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Oh yeah, A.P.E. was great fun, should do a quick post about that later too. Meathaus was situated with the back of our table facing the back of another table that I couldn’t help eyeballing all morning. There seemed to be some fun time art on the table and the boombox they had played the most enticing jams. Later, when I got a chance I ran over to buy as many zines as I could. They are all awesome. And here is where to go to get your own zines and art from the dude who was there, Matt Furie. Pictured here is some of his work.

Matt furie Drawings

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Hi there,

I’ve seen your e-add by browsing different zine makers/writers in google.
I wanna try to reach you to ask a copy/ies of your zines or any other
reading materials that can we use/share here in the Philippines.

In connection to my request, we want to conduct “zine festival” because it
didn’t happen yet for some reasons. Only few are into making/writing zines
that’s why we don’t have enough zines to show. On that event, we want to
encourage them to make their own one and spread it since it is not illegal
yet to write!

Hopefully, you can send some of your copies or surplus so that we can make
the idea into action. And if impossible for you to send it, just please
let me know. I understand your situation because you need money for the
shipping. But I’m still optimistic that you can support us about this
matter. Looking forward for that.

By the way you can check these blog:






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