Meathaus will be at the MoCCA (comics and cartoon art show) in NYC on Saturday and Sunday. No Meathaus issue 8 yet. But there will be awesome dudes and ladies as usual at the table including “Angry” Jim, Farel Dalrymple, Celia Bulwinkel, Chris McD, Jeff Kilpatrick, and probably more but I just haven’t heard them talk about it yet. Oh yeah and we are happy to welcome special guest booth-sitter Dorothy Gambrell, author of comic Cat and Girl. She is a staunch Meathaus ally in the gnarly Greenpoint hinterlands.

Secondly. Cake Shop is once again hosting an official Meathaus unofficial MoCCA saturday night party in their bar with drink specials etc. We’ll get some more info on that and post is here. But the Meathaus crew will certainly be there chuggin sudz and everyone is welcome to party hard of course. Oh wait here is the info:

++a free& public afterparty for the small press indoe comic dudes unwinding after sitting behind a
convention table all day nervously wondering what you think of their comic and whether or
not it sucks.
PERFORMANCES BY comic book legends JEFF & JACK LEWIS (rough trade)
and the animated-enough SOILED MATTRESS AND THE SPRINGS!!
free Macau beer from 8 to 9!

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holy living hell to high heavens. good lord almighty who is damned to the damnit hole. jesus hockey stick christ of nazareth. buddah be blamed by his balls.

i’ll be thinking and wishing i was there. have fun

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