Darth Vader/ Weirdo Music Video for the Left Rights

So here is a weird music video that I made for the Left Rights (a Mindless Self Indulgence side project) in 2002. Brandon and Celia helped!

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No I don’t think it was ever on TV, I think Uppity Cracker released it on either a Left Rights CD or a Mindless Self Indulgence CD back in 2002 as an awesome add-on feature. MSI recently did a music video directed by Jhonen Vasquez of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fame. That’s also on You Tube I think on the side bar of the above video as a related video.

ok haha, just one more question.. is a darth vader another way of saying a black guys weener?

Absolutely! Actually it is the best way of saying that. It is useful at dinner parties, school functions and Kmart. Tell ’em the Left Rights sent ya.

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