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Alternative Comics
Here goes the start of a “blog mini-series” of profiles of some of the great little companies and collectives out there making comics all for the love of making comics.

Jeff MasonJeff Mason runs Alternative Comics out of his home base in Gainesville, Florida, and is a fixture at the indie comics and press shows such as MoCCA in NYC and SPX in Maryland. Since 1993 Mason has been publishing some of the best in the independent comics world including anthologies and graphic novels. Some of his stable of published greats include Sam Henderson, James Kochalka, Nick Bertozzi, and Meathaus’ own Brandon Graham, Tomer Hanuka, and Thomas Herpich.

It is no coincidence that Mason’s Alternative Comics is the first to be profiled here, because in fact Alternative will be publishing the long-delayed Meathaus “Head Games” Issue 8 this fall. I know we said it was coming out “this fall” this time last year. But this time it’s true. The book is done, and it is a great one. We look forward to seeing the ripened fruits of this awesome partnership with Alternative Comics.

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