Get Up Kids Music Video: “Overdue”

So here is another music video that I worked on back in 2003. This time around the art was all done by someone else, that person being Travis Fudge. My friends Katie and Marc from Kounter Attack Design co-produced the project with Travis (who also did the album artwork for the Get Up Kids’ concurrent release), and I was hired to do character animation. Which doesn’t seem like a lot when you look at the video, but a lot of my job was processing the scratchy pen drawings from Travis into cut-out animatable After Effects puppets. Note the lovingly cut out hair strands that blow in the wind in the van scene. I loved those strands. The whole video was finished off in an amazing marathon compositing and editing session by Katie and her friend Brock who completed the whole thing with a glossy sheen and 3D corners.

I think I heard that that band broke it off a while back. I wasn’t really that familiar with their tunes but I was psyched to see a concert with them for free during the making of this video because one of my all-time favorite bands since high-school, Superchunk, was opening for them. It was this huge show ’cause I guess G.U.K. were huge with the kidz, and I was dissapointed to see that most of the teens didn’t even watch the Chunk, and sat around on the floor. Ah well must have been one of those 5 year generational gaps.

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lovely work, chris.

i remember seeing that show advertised in the voice and flipping out that superchunk wasn’t headlining. exactly as you felt, i remember thinking that clearly a generational corner had been turned while i had my head down.

as mr neil young said:
The moral of this story, is try not to get too old, the more time you spend on earth, the more you see unfold.

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