Not Safe For Work Elephantiasis Winnebago Man

Good thing USA has the day off. Happy 4th of July bros. I’ve taken this opportunity to browse the archives of crazy Meathaus links from our behind the scenes board. And as the title says, this video link is “not safe for work”. It is one of the more insane things I have seen. Video of man getting up from sitting on his own elephantiasis ball-sack. It is hard to comprehend being able to let a condition like that get to that advanced of a state. But that is just one more reason to be thankful to live in a non 3rd-world country. Very fitting for Independence day. Thanks to Will Smith.

And if you’d like to cleanse you pallet a bit from seeing that, why not enjoy this very angry man trying to shoot a Winnebago commercial and saying “FUCK” a lot.

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