Becky Cloonan Has Secrets

Becky Cloonan Comics art

Becky! Why didn’t you tell us you also updated your website with new illustrations, comics and archival prints, started writing a blog, and maintain a gigposters and deviantart gallery?! I guess Meathaus is out of da loop. Well sometimes it is simpler just being uncool I guess… you don’t have to worry too much about what to wear or when people do cool stuff ’cause they don’t tell you. Becky also started hanging with the Meathaus or vis versa years ago and nothing was ever the same again. Becky is a massive comics destructor who renders tentacles, crystals and pirates with EZ-lube that’s how easy it is for her. Whew it’s hard to be around so many art-monsters sometimes, they require frequent veterinary visits and the food bill is outlandish. Ok, cocktail time.

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