New John K and Katie Rice Cartoon for Weird Al

John Kricfalusi Katie Rice Weird Al Music Video

John Kricfalusi creator of Ren and Stimpy has once again begun taunting the readership of his blog with delightful cartoon images of girls wiggling around and dirty pussy cats. Somehow this all relates to Weird Al, but I don’t know why or what or when and well heck I just want to see the dang music video. John also mentions in his recent news that he will soon be invading San Francisco to do three shows– two adult and one suitable for your grublings. So get out and go see John! His last show in Los Angeles was hilarious and filthy and I’m sure there was at least one tent-pitched but not mine nope.

John is also once again teasing us with news of him working with Jack Black and Kyle Gass, otherwise know as Tenacious D. The “D” sure do get around and it is good to see them consistently supporting cartoon projects. They also were on the premiere episode of the show I animated on, Tom Goes to the Mayor, playing the Bear Trap Brothers and doing songs about farts and such. Anyways we are always rooting for John K and all his projects, so we hope to see all these cartoons soon.

John Kricfalusi Katie Rice Weird Al Music Video

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