Cartoon Tattoos Go Great With Pasty Flesh Folds

Cartoon Tattoos Disney Tattoos Mascot Tattoos

Further exploring the body mod zine linked from the previous post as a mere tangent, I remembered a favorite internet pastime: searching for awesome funnny tattoos. Especially fascinating are the people who elect to get commercially branded and children’s entertainment icons chiseled permanently into their floppy man-tits or hairy fat-backs. The internet has allowed these people to take photographs of their delightful cartoon body art and share it with the rest of us for viewing from the comfort of our own homes. God Bless America.

Cartoon Tattoos Disney Tattoos Mascot Tattoos

One of the indisputed kings of the genre is easily “Disney’s #1 Fan”, Guy George C. Reiger Jr. George has over 1,700 Disney tattoos on his body, over 24,000 pieces in his Disney collection, visits the Disney park at least once a month and lives in a custom Disney house. Essentially he is the real-world equivelent of the fictional Disney Super-Fan that wizardly stop-motion animator and filmmaker Mike Jittlov created for a pychedelic late 1970’s edition of the Wonderful World of Disney.

Disney Tattoo Guy George C. Reiger Jr.

I’ll leave you with the wise words of poster “Veda” on a page about a baby Daffy Duck leg tattoo: “… [I] would never get a cartoon tattooed on me, but that is what makes tatts great…individual, Younique (fyi, misspell is on purpose).” Well said Veda, well said.

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I think some are rather ridiculous. However I am in the process of getting a Tinker Bell tattoo. Only because that is my little sisters nick name I am getting the tattoo for her, she chose it. I guess you cant really judge until you know the story… And anyway these days, Tattoo’s are only semi permanant;)

Tattoos are not a nice image they degrade people, expecially girls i think they are horrible grow up everyone

I think the cartoon idea is great and i think they look brill, as for growing up i think that if we are old enough to get them done then we are grown up enough dont you!!

i love tattoos but i would not get my whole body tattooed but its other peoples body it ur life so get as many as u want but they are really nice…

Yes, I was wondering if you have a picture of the loney tune bunch standing in front of a NYFD truck, with them standing in front of the fire hall do you.
If so can you e-mail me a picture of it,or let me know of a site that may have it,my cousin was a fire fighter and he gooved on the looney tunes and I thought that I would get it to remember him by.

I totally disagree, more women should get tattoo’s! I love them! I”m 17 years old and already have 4 and exited to get more! πŸ˜› and no they only hurt if your a pussey! lol πŸ˜€

I think tattoos are very neat. I also think that if some one wonts to get a tattoo it is up to them. For some people it is religous to get a tattoo. I my self am getting a tatto on my back in honer of my grandfather that died last year. I personaly like tattoos.

You know I think the only thing that degragrades women is people thinking that we shouldnt do or get something because it is not lady like. Tattoos are pieces of art and in one or another they express who we are. If its your love for cartoons, your family or just an image it is completely up to you. I personally have seven tattoos and I am planning to get more. I think being able to process the idea of something as permanent as a tattoo being with you for most of your life makes you more of an adult than people give us credit for. These are our lives and nobody can judge us but god and for those of you that cannot get that through your head need to do a lot more growing up than you think.

i don’t have a tattoo, but i’m getting one veeerryy soon, I CAN’T WAIT!!!! OMG! i love tattoos, u can use them to express how u feel about something, i’m not talking about a boy or anything like that, more like a thing u love, or a person, but more like mommas, daddys, babies an such lol. i myself am gettin the ice creams logo on the bottom of my back…it’s gon be so OFFICIAL!

So now that we know one of you doesn’t know how to spell, and one of you is probably 13 and has no idea what your talking about, i think it’s safe to say that maybe you should wait a few years before making any big decisions that involve permanent ink on your body.

I think it is stupid to tell people to grow up because they want tattoos, even a lady. You should grow up because you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. We are not putting down the things you do. I love tattoos I have since I was a little girl. I got my frist one when I as 15 and I am now 28 and still love the ones I got back then. Since the years I have gotten about 10, one big back piece and other great art. It signifies who I am, what I love what I feel, it makes me ME! And that is all that matters.

hey im 18 yer and i had my first tattoo bout 2 months ago i had tinkerbll put on the top of my arm and i love it yer it may not be unique but if its what u want go ahead!!!!

Ok no one asked for your opinions haters. No one appreciates other people being condecending, espically when you don’t even know the people you are addressing. No one likes to be told they are being judged by 1 dimensional people with little to no positive reception to personal expression. Tattoos are art. And clearly some people can’t see that, and are quick to be a critic. And, honestly, who are you? keep your mean words to yourself. Like many of us were taught: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

If you dislike tattoos, why are you wasting your time looking at pictures of tattoos and responding to them? Spend your time looking at what you enjoy.

I like tattoos and personaly dont care what some one has to say, if thats what people what to do then thats up to them and only them!! I want one and in 5 mounths when Im 18 Im going to get one and I thought long and hard for the last few years my mind has fliped on if I want it and what I want but I know what I want now and that I want it. Now my stomachs doing flip flops because the time is coming up!

Tattoos are a wonderful way to express yourself. And as long as you’re happy. Screw the rest of the world.
And, I think when Im 80, im going to worry more about where I go to the toilet, and what the hell i can hear, more than my tattoos.
Cartoon tattoos are also pretty awesome. Especially if you love the character, I have a bunny skull and crossbones based on mizuno junko, and am carrying on with that theme with her mermaids as well.

Well Im going to be 40 in 5 months & still making tattos to myself. It dont matter what age u are to have them. Enjoy life u only live once. I understand that their are people who degrade people with tattos but to me it seems that they dont understand the whole concept of having a tattoo. Im pretty sure it crossed their mind of making one but dont have the courage to do it and thinking that people are gonna do what they do degrade people with tattoos. I say ” live it up”

I agree wit alot of u all. Xspecialy da ones who talk toward da coments from da ones who try n put someone dwn bcuz day hava tat…well i have 2…n i am going to get anutha one for my otha child n if u dnt like it, u can just kik rocs n kis azz…tats r me tats dscrib me let alon dscrib wht i can do to u or n-e one els!

I think that the tattoos look good. Tattoos are what u like and think and it isnt up to anyone else to tell how to live your life. Everyone has there opinions on tattoos but really it’s not any of their business on how other people live their life. I have 2 tattoos and I love both of them very much. I wouldn’t change anything about them and further more I pay my bills and work my ass off and if i wont to pay for a tattoo I have the right to. I am a grown up i raise my kid and put food on the table for her and a roof over her head by myself. Trust me it takes a grown up to raise a kid on your own and for someone to say a tattoo is childish maybe they need to live a little bit. Get off their high horse and grow up their self. If you have enough nerve to call someone else childish then at least have a good reason to back it up and not some opinion cause your opinion dont matter in the end. People live their life to please their self and NO one else!!!!!!!

Well, to be honest these ink marking should not be symbol of one’s thinking, likes or disliks. its your personality which represent your likes and moode.

i am not critising any one. its your right πŸ™‚

i am 28 i have 36 tattoos and try to get work a few times a month. Tattoos do not degrade women no one has to look at me if they don’t want to I hate people who wisper and stare

Tattoos are a form of self expression. It is a personal choice to add this to your body. there are people in my family that think its terrible to have this on me but that is their choice. I have always wanted to get a tattoo ever since i saw my dads first one. I do believe that a majority of people that get tattoos take the time to know what they want and those tattoos have meaning to them. I have been told i am going to be judged on judgement day and that i will be going to hell and that i am degraded gods canvas. then my tattoo artist said that jesus died so that we could be free and he died because he was judged so why would he judge us when he was judged on the cross? so true. so keep on tattooing and be happy..

I love tattoos I have 3 of them and they are small but i want to get a big one for my son maybe or signs i think that would be cute

Fuck the cunt who wrote the message 37, i personally think tattoos are great art and look awesome.. me n my friend are getting tats tomorrow and looking forward to it … Fuck them haters if you got tattoos good on ya, and if your thinking of getting one do it .. you can find heaps of cheap tat guns on ebay i got myself.. but only buy a gun if you know someone to do it for you well thats all HAPPY TATTOOING!! take care xx .- love yall

I was 37 when i got my first. I love it. I’m soon to be 45 and looking to get my 2nd. To the younger crowd I would say to you, think before you get it. Make sure it is what you want FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

I am gettin a tattoo of copper and tod from the fox and the hound. i am getting it on both of my wrists. My personal reason is because this movie meant alot to me growing up and brings back many memories. Its also my favourite disney movie πŸ™‚

The difference between people with tattoo’s and people without them..Is people who have them…don’t care if you don’t!

I am 28 and yes I have tattoo’s 20 of them, so all you judge mental dip shit’s can eat a fat dick,for one like I have been reading if you do not like them then why the hell are you on this site,also like if you do not have anything nice to say do not say anything and yes most of them are cartoon’s.

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