Prime Time Find: Brazilian Nuggets

Brazilian Nuggets psychedelic records

Thanks to Liam our Meathaus audio taste-maker and Portugal corespondent, this sensational musical blog, Brazilian Nuggets, has come into our lives. Perhaps you’ve jammed out in recent years to the exceptionally good and psychedelic sounds of Os Mutantes, one of the best know Brazilian psych outfits of the last century. And if you were also like me, your knowledge depth of the subject didn’t snake much deeper under the surface. Well let’s just cluster-bunker-buster-bomb a little deeper why don’t we?

Brazilian Nuggets features complete albums ripped straight from the vinyl collection of a delightful Brazilian (I assume). The records range in sound quality and awesome-quality, but are mostly rock-maximus with touches of 60’s and 70’s rock, garage, country, folk, and psychedelia all with a Brazilian flair. I reached my “free download limit” before reaching the bottom of the blog, and didn’t keep all the albums– just the ones that GRABBED me. A few personal highlights if you just want a taste: Arnaud Rodrigues (the sound you may be expecting), Nana Vasconelos (freaky Africanized percussion and guitars), Ney Matogrosso (awesome freak-out sounds and cool tunes), and lastly Perfume Azul Do Sol (funkinated beats and jazz jamz to boom your box).

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