Jane’s Cut Paper Illustrations

Jane’s been doing these small, intricate cut paper illustrations for a children’s book to be published overseas.

  jane illojane illos

Jane introduced me to Lotte Reiniger’s “Prince Achmed” movie and I spend a lot of time watching her cut paper with an exacto knife.  It inspires me to occassionally cut paper with my clumsy, fat fingers.  She doesn’t have a website up yet, but when she does I will post a link.

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Whoa I am very impressed with those, very beautiful work. I thought I saw some cut paper influence in your recent work, maybe from Jane? Lotte Reiniger’s Prince Achmed was the world’s first animated feature film as opposed to the popular knowledge that Disney achieved that with Snow White. Snow White held my attention better then the shadow cut-outs of Reiniger’s film when I saw it last in History of Animation class. That was a really great class but it was in the morning and I kept falling asleep in it from being hung over. So that’s probably why.

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