It only took 18 months…

Thomas Herpich website update

…but I’ve finally updated my website. A total overhaul, really. Chekid out.

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Unbelievable! Gorgeous. Delicious. Sensational! Fantastic. Bodacious. The comic “Harvest” cuts direct into deep places of imagination and buried human impulses of survival. I recommend a visit to Tom’s website to everybody in the world. It is running slow, maybe millions of people are looking at it?

oooooooooo I ordered cusp and another one but
um accidentally had them sent to my old boarding
bcuz it looks really great

Thanks Tomer. I’m definitely gonna try. With all my programming know-how I managed to make the site maybe 5% less of a pain-in-the-ass to update than before. So expect at least 5% more updates I guess…

Sweet. Thanks “romantic”. Farel, I don’t remember what I did to get that drawing to look like that. It was kind of a phase I was going through. Obscuring stuff… I don’t know… I found it and thought it looked pretty cool like this though.

I like when the girl minotaur says “it’s almost like
I think I’m amazing” and also the barrel-chested spalien
(who is a woman?) van winkle and also all the figures
with real pully skin and also all the figures that look
small and plastic.

Well, of course, Tom, nothing can make life worth living because that would imply that at some point life isn’t worth living, which is absurd. Still, I wonder how many people wouldn’t feel like living anymore if they were kept from looking at or making their little doodles and enjoying all the benefits of being a dedicated doodler.

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