More Awesomely Bad Tattoos

Awesome Bad Tattoos

Thanks to the nice woman at Pork Disco, a wonderful collection of the coolest crappiest tattoos has been conveniently congregated for your browsing ease.

Awesome Bad Tattoos

She has also conveniently subdivided her tattoo picture collection into useful categories.

Awesome Bad Tattoos

As usual, the cartoon character tattoos are some of the funniest. Was there much thought put into the decision to tattoo Thumper celebrating the year 2000 permanently on your flesh? Rhetorical question. The same would have to be asked about the Baby on Board stomach tattoo.

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finally some recognition and btw you are an asshole because my collection of finely drawn cereal characters are totally original and sweet to the max-hardcore-bone so suck my dong. and id love to see your bad ass tattoos fuck ass,we cant wait for you to post you lover back and ankle tattoos on your shitty salad tossing blog. i bet you slather man-butter all over you english muffins, nut juggler.

Those tattoos are absolutely terrible. Is that blue one supposed to be Oscar the Grouch? What is with the band-aids with the eye (and star and moon)? The Pickle? WTF? That clown looks like ass. What an assclown. What kind of fag would have those “max-hardcore-bone” cereal characters permanently on their back? Terrible!!!

i might be weird but i actually liked the cereal characters on the back. it looks like good work. and its unique.

The tattoo on the pregnant belly is disgusting morally reprehensible. The ink and the abdominal trauma could have caused serious damage to the unborn child. What kind of shameless mother would endanger her baby like that? I truly hope that her OB called social services so that she never had a chance to act to irresponsibly once the innocent child was born!

i have to agree with elizabeth, the mother of the poor child is very irresponsable. i pity him in his future life, but i can only hope she betters her judgement by then. true, the tattoos are less than interesting, but i did find the ceareal characters on the back highly amusing.

originally posted by pipelicker
“my collection of finely drawn cereal characters are totally original” Yeah, except that they were done by the fucking companies who own them cock-breath!

Can people really be THAT stupid? Does no one realize that these tattoos are not your problem. If they are funny or terribly, laugh about them, but are you reall so low you have to say things like some of your idiotic comments. Tattooing is not as simple as a hairdo, or the clothes you wear.

I have to say that I have a tattoo that I am not fond of longer so I am getting it covered..I happened along this site and had to say that all judgement aside the only tat I really enjoyed on here was the cereal character tat. It was definitely original..and the work looks like it was well done. kudos.. My only question is…do you have to pay royalties to General Mills & Post cereal companies??…lol

these tats are really awesome! fuxx everybody. they are really cool and they dont know shi* about whats really cool. im digging them! dont stop!

“The ink and the abdominal trauma could have caused serious damage to the unborn child. What kind of shameless mother would endanger her baby like that?”

Wow, you’re as almost as self-righteous as you are an idiot. Tattoo ink is bio and chemically inert, or it wouldn’t be safe for anyone to get one. Abdominal trauma? are you serious? you must be retarded from your mother’s tattoos. Plus, it could be a man making a joke about his beer belly, or maybe a woman who had tried for years to get pregnant and wanted to commemorate her excitement you judgemental asshole. Sidenote-terrible tattoo

why do you guys care what other people put on their body? obviously the guy who posted all this bullishhh had nothing better to do, otherwise he’d be doing it instead of drawing negative attention to ish people decided to get tattooed because they like it. although most of these look retarded except for the cereal characters and the eyes that i thought were awesome lol how do you know the hoe wit the bandaid eyes didn’t get it cuz it meant something to her?? and i seriously hope that was a man’s beer gut, not a prego belly cuz that’s just retarded for a girl to get, not to mention you’re not supposed to get tats when you’re prego.

what if the baby on bored isn’t a chick at all? maybe its just a guy with a beer belly trying to be funny? because if it is then thats funny as fuck.

Ok So what if everyone has a different opinion of these tattoos. I bet not everyone likes the tats you have. We should really stop judging everybody. Ever wonder why this world is so fucked up?????? This is why. Wake up people!!!!!!

The baby on board is not a prego lady, it’s a dude, chill. The cereal stuff is cool, i get it, not for me, but hey it’s your skin.

Cereal chars = awsome work.
Eyes = kewl!
beergut baby tat == funny as hell!
others == whatever

And so what — it’s not on your skin so who gives a chit what they wanna do.

And so what if the “baby on board” tat is actually a prego chick — its not like the needles to do it are 6″ long spikes jammin into her whomb. (hope the artist is licenced tho & has all the crap needed to keep it all safe)
She likely does more damage to the kid walking down the smoggy street sucking in all the loverly pollution or eating all the preservitive infested food that is all over the place now.

Tats are not for me but that don’t mean noone else should get one or 2 or whole body?
I can only imagine the big fight if everyone got the same one — who would decide which one?
Would be boring huh!

The blue tattoo is the Boo Berry ghost, from the cereal. It’s silly, but it’s not a poorly done Oscar the Grouch. Actually looks pretty much exactly like the box.

OK for those of you that wanted to know, the first one is a cartoon ghost wearing a hat and tie and I think it’s cute in an odd sort of way. The cereal characters took me by surprise but it IS original work so, you can’t be too harsh, it’s good for being amatuer work.The baby on board is INDEED on a man, NOT a pregnant woman as so many suspected, and I quite dig the eyes. The rest of the tats, although not great work by far, are in thier own right works of art. It’s a choice to use your body as a canvas and for good or ill, you have to deal with it day by day. All in all I think some of the comments were a bit harsh, but being listed as “awesomely bad tattoos” sets them up for disection, doesn’t it?

A pregnant woman could get her entire abdomen tattooed and unless she got an infection from a crappy artist her baby would be at absolutely no risk whatsoever! But some people do like to scream and jump about and label women as terrible mothers at any given opportunity, don’t they? All you guys managed to accomplish was expose your own ignorance of biology.

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