Leslie Hall: The Most Important Sweater Designer & Rapper

Yes I think now is a good time to reflect on the most important custom sweater bedazzler/ hip hop rapper of our time, Leslie Hall. Her art, sweaters and rap tunes just plain help lube up this journey through the tube of life, and wow that feels a lot better now. Thanks Leslie.

Leslie and the Lys Leslie Hall

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I think I got my facts wrong, Leslie may be in fact the curator of the gem sweater collection but not the designer of all those sweaters. As she herself says in the video mentioned in this new post, she is the “keeper of the gems”, which is just as important of a job as designer. Thank you, Leslie.

Meathaus is in fact correct. These sweaters are priceless rescued treasures that I have in fact saved from obscurity. I do not make them but preserve and display them in their natural habitat. It is also true that I have an RV that has been converted into the MOBILE MUSEUM OF GEM SWEATERS, so that I am able to travel accross this country and tell old people and children about this dying art. What this really is about is Education.

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