CVIC Works Coalition: the art and illustration of Chad Verrill

Chad Verrill
This site is full of “I wish I’d thought of that” paintings and prints. Especially amazing are the “stereoscopics” (as pictured), which work like a Magic-Eye, but look like really bizarre Viewmaster slides.

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I applaud the effort. This is not an easy thing to pull off. But I prefer full 3-D. I may sound like a jerk but hear me out. This is nearly impossible when starting from 2-d art.. I mean what we have here are layers of 2d images.. like a pop up book…Which is fine and all in it’s way, but I prefer 3-D stuff from sculptures and photos. I don’t care for CGI in general, but in the case of 3-D, CGI works really well too. I have seen some disney viewmaster reels (The lion King viewmaster was one) where they went all out to make the 2-D art look 3-D. To do it convincingly they manipulated it down to individual lines… down to facial features and textures. I know I sound like a jerk. What he did here took a load of work, and conceptually I like it. I would just suggest if he keeps doing it, to try and take it to that next level. You may not care for films like the lion king, but seriously, on a pure 3-D craftsmanship level, this guy should check those out for ideas.

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