Comic Makers: Kramers Ergot 6 is New and Now!

Kramers Ergot 6 review comics

Kramers Ergot explodes forth again with another frothing wave of salty tales and beauty full of deep-sea creatures with tiny bulbs and razor teeth! Editor and grand-master Sammy Harkham has curated another winning combination of comic wizardry and science– they aren’t supposed to mix, but like some strange alchemy he makes gold happen.

This is a special book, much like the last two volumes of this monster anthology. Issue 4 seemed to come out of nowhere, turning the old-guard “alt-comix” crowd on their heads with the punkish bravado of a zit-faced teen in the summertime. It’s been full-comics-steam-ahead since then, with new issues released annually. Kramers Ergot 6 stays true to its own unique form, and in this issue branches out a bit more, for the first time adding older foreign material (pre-WWII era Japanese war comics), and an older gentleman painter (co-incidently he is one of Muwen Pan’s mentors at SVA, Jerry Moriarty). The excellent Alvin Buenaventura co-published and assistant edited this volume, and has recently been publishing cartloads of similarly excellent books under his own imprint, Buenaventura Press. All recommended.

Personal favorites in this new edition are insane and beautiful rainbow urine watercolor paintings by Shary Boyle, the personal dark magic of CF’s pencil comics, and the sitcom laugh-trackable Paperrad entry featuring Seinfeld, Kramer and Newman. Go peel your eyes on it at your local comics shop or if there are no super-cool shops smart enough to stock it nearby then you can order it through amazon:

The brand new just released Kramers Ergot 6.
The previous and great Kramers Ergot 5.
A recommended comic that first appeared in Kramers Ergot 4, and is now available as its own book: Sammy Harkham’s Poor Sailor. Kramers Ergot 4 has long been sold-out itself.

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i love seinfeld i love larry david and curb your enthusiasm. So freakin hilarious. so freakin hilarious.

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