(mini) Interview With Shaun Kessler

Shaun Kessler Cprint Collage art

Previously mentioned Shaun Kessler has kindly provided answers to our mini interview that was thrust upon him recently. Have at you:

Q: Who are you, where are you?
A: Shaun Kessler. Brooklyn NY.

Q: Do you place your work in the context of other people or movements of art whether current or historical?
A: I can’t place my work within a specific movement. There is a certain methodology among a group of artists that I identify with. This being the desire to channel information from sources outside one’s rational thought. All the artists that operate in this fashion- namely Harry Smith, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, William Burroughs, and the group COUM- have devised their own methods for creating a mental state in which irrational information can be gathered and applied to their art. This aspect is what excites me the most about creating work.

Q: Who could you claim as an influence or mentor?
A: Not so much who anymore. What influences me are naturally occurring cryptograms.

Q: Do you use traditional, digital or combination collage techniques?
A: In my collages I only use “real” materials: wrapping paper, contact paper, magazines, books, etc. My photography is also collage based, but I use a combination of digital and printed imagery. All of my photographs are C-prints and are shot on film.

Q: What is your secret art desire?
A: Transcendence

Shaun Kessler’s website has more for looking at. Thanks to Shaun for sharing his mind’s eye with us here at Meathaus.

Shaun Kessler Cprint Collage art

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