Aeron Alfrey Art

Aeron Alfrey monsters art

This morning I’ve been sent on a wild link ride through amazing art from all over the globe thanks to Aeron Alfrey’s extensive collections of websites and recommendations, which I will be posting more about soon. His own artwork housed on one of his blogs is a visit to a mystical dank cave on a spelunking mission in which you realize too late that your leg is three feet deep in demon feces and those large shadows approaching behind you aren’t created by the stalagmites and yes you are done for and why did you ever think that taking pictures in this cave was a good idea for your science project because now you are a monster feast. Plus he is selling original monster art for 5 bucks a piece.

Exploring further into Aeron’s world reveals that he has more blogs with many wonderful things. Monsters, strange films and animation and “visionary artists”– which is now my google image search of the day even beating out long-time favorite, skull fantasy. Thanks to Aeron for the cool and disturbing websites.

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