Nicholas Kalmakoff, Visionary Artist

Nicholas Kalmakoff visionary art

Nicholas Kalmakoff visionary art

Artist L. Caruana has put together a unique online gallery of Kalmakoff’s artwork, and it is practically the only place in the world that you can see it. L. Caruana writes a disclaimer on one page: “The main source for Kalmakoff’s work is the catalogue from the 1986 exhibition at Musée-galerie de la Seita. DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO OBTAIN COPIES as I spent over one year searching every bookstore, bookfair and bouquiniste in Paris for my copy! It exists in French only. Bon chance…”. Thanks indeed goes out to Mr. Caruana for sharing his find with the world, and for writing an accompanying article about Kalmakoff on his equally exciting site, The Visionary Revue. Link via Aeron’s excellent Monster Brains blog.

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hey, i need help ASAP. what is the title of the first painting with the snake front and center behind the big demon that looks like satan?

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