Not Fooling Anyone: Funny Urban Blight

Not Fooling Anyone bad conversions of old storefronts

Not Fooling Anyone has a great collection of conversions of old “brand-name” storefronts into laughably bad knock-offs and hack jobs. But really which is better, the original corporate facades rolled out of the franchise factory or the desperate but creative next generation of businesses eager to fill their vacant husks? The photos on this site point squarely to the superiority of the newcomers, if only because their failures are so AWESOME! I think if your cruise down Sunset Blvd. right now you could catch a glimpse of the “Exaco” gas station over near Meltdown Comics. They didn’t even bother, just took down the “t”s and said we’re good to go. Someone take a shot and send to this website!

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genius. no mention of the greatest ever appropriation: “White Castle” to “Veggie Castle” on Church Ave in Flatbush.

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