Stefan Gruber’s Fantasy Pleasure Complex

Stefan Gruber's Fantasy Pleasure Complex Comics and Animation

Stefan Gruber put the internet on his carving block about 8 years ago and sliced himself a delicious prime cut of online experimental Flash animation, which he’s been basting with delicious juices ever since. A major exit off of the information superhighway leads right to the door of his Fantasy Pleasure Complex, so why not put on your full-body VR suit with Power Glove and pay him a visit? There are hours of fantasy pleasure to explore, comics, animation, music videos, guest work, and don’t forget to click through every previous version of the complex via the numbers on the lower part of the screen. If after your visit you find yourself wanting to be a Stefan Gruber completeist, then you’ll want to also visit his blog of his own musings and inspiration, and order his mini comics from him.

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