Scott Teplin Drawings

Scott Teplin Drawings

It must be concluded that Scott Teplin loves typography, architectural drawings, elevations, plans, design, miniature models and more. His drawings depict strange environments of organically shaped rooms filled with floppy mattresses, urinals, pointy plants, control rooms, and beds that seem to pitch their own tents without the help of any boners– there is usually no sign of life, people, or beings present in these rooms. Scott’s website also showcases many stages of his drawings from the sketchbook to the final piece, his handmade books and more. This is work that would probably be amazing to see up close, so look out for any shows featuring Scott in the future.

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[…] Check out Andrew Degraff’s cool artwork and illustration on his website (beware the script that moves your browser every time you go back to the home page). Andrew seems to be heavy into type and lettering design and thinking about structures in space, which makes me reminisce fondly about previous blog posts on Scott Teplin and Josh Keyes who also draw fictional spaces and objects that look great. Even Andrew’s “under construction” images and website sections are cool drawings: […]

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