Do You Like American Music?

A sincere recommendation for our San Francisco Bay Area readers:

There will be a high-toned, high quality display of pop music performance in our neck of the woods courtesy of Jenn Harper and my very special and much-loved lady friend, Sarah Elena Palmer, this Friday evening in the city of San Jose. It’s at a venue called the Works, which seems to be some kind of art space, so I reckon there will be cool stuff to look at while your mind is blown.

What you need to know:
Jen Harper and Sarah Elena Palmer: Awesome? Yes. Like to rock? Yes.
Acoustic guitars? Yes. Voices, melody, maybe a keyboard? Yes, yes, yes.
Pop hooks? Yes.
But wait, can I get fired up for this show by listening to samples of music by these women anywhere? Why yes, you can! Here and here.

The Show starts at 8PM, Friday the 22nd of September.
The Works, 30 North Third Street, San Jose, CA, 95112

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