Let’s Paint, Exercise, and Make Blended Drinks

Let's Paint TV with John Kilduff

John Kilduff’s Let’s Paint TV is the best thing on TV. Let’s Paint TV has uploaded their 30 minute public access shows to the youtube for your enjoyment. In the same way that one could watch Bob Ross paint rolling landscapes and relax to the gentle intonations of his voice, one can tune into John Kilduff and get psyched up with creative energy and positive attitude. No matter how many punks call and tell him to suck their units. The amount of prank callers with the combined wit of a turd-pile actually becomes part of the show’s insane humor when John just earnestly lets the insults roll off his back like acrylic paint off of a cheap suit.

To start at part one of the latest installment, “Let’s Paint, Exercise and Make Blended Drinks” click here. For previous episodes such as “Let’s Paint, Exercise and Eat Pie” click here to see them all. The first episode I caught includes Michael Q. Schmidt as the live nude model, which is located here. You may also recognize Michael as the dude who plays Tom Peters’ miserable wife on Tom Goes to the Mayor!

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