Videos of Jenny Drumgoole

Jenny Drumgoole Videos Husky and Wingbowl

Photographer Jenny Drumgoole began experimenting with video a few years back and never turned back. Since then, Jenny has produced two videos during her time at Yale’s exclusively small graduate program in photography that feature herself as the real-life/ fictionalized star.

In Wingbowl 13, Jenny wins a contest to become a wingette at the Philadelphia Wing Bowl where she proceeds to be booed and pelted with beer bottles from thousands of rabid psychos because of her allegiance to the “away team” eating contestant, Sonya Thomas.

In Husky, Jenny weaves together a dream/ reality hybrid that combines the real-life footage of herself drunkenly harassing the cops, riding a tow-truck, and taping her gynecology check-up from a secret camera hidden in her bag with the elements of her other-self, a leopard-print unitard wearing hoagie-loving “husky bitch” who wears her lipstick all over her neck and loves to fling thousand island dressing all over herself and the frat boys who mistakenly think that they are about to get a free-show. Chapter 1 & 2, Chapter 3, (the final chapter is not online yet)

All together, Jenny exhibits her impressive fearlessness as an artist and her ability to turn whatever her current obsession is into a revealing and entertaining piece of independent video.

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