31 New Ink Drawings by Chris McD

31 New Ink Drawings by Chris McD

Chris McD has created 31 new ink drawings on 5″ x 7″ index cards. 30 out of 31 were created with no under-drawing in an “instant drawing” experiment over several weeks. This is the first series of drawings that Chris has created that are available for sale in the recently re-designed Meathaus Warehaus Distrozone where you will also find many cool books, art prints and posters and the new limited edition Meathaus t-shirts with new designs added regularly. The days are counting down when we will finally also have the new edition of Meathaus 8: Headgames in stock.

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Thanks Cory! The whole thing is an experiment, I’m not sure if there is interest in this kind of thing. And of course trying to sell drawings in an online shopping cart is less than ideal. But why the hell not, right? Gotta keep GTDin’.

The picture of R. Cory is the dude to the left of the dog above, he is an excellent fella and animation designer and that’s him looking tough. You can add him to your collection for 10 bucks!

Buy two and get free shipping to the USA, or buy one and a comic to bump your total over $15 and get free shipping to the USA!

Well we had our first purchase of a small lot of these babies… get on over to the Warehaus to see the remaining available drawings if you are interested! Also red dots above indicate sold drawings.

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