Tenacious D & John K “Classico” Music Video

So after following along on John Kricfalusi’s blog for many months watching the production progress, the final music video for Tenacious D’s song “Classico” is now online to watch! Also check out John’s new post on the video with tons of art and pencil tests!

Some thoughts: Short songs like this are perfectly suited for animated music videos– in theory you can cram much more effort into the piece if the song is short as opposed to a 4 1/2 minute slow jam. Also, upbeat action and rhythm in the music are great for timing out a cartoon to.

This song presents a unique challenge though: it is upbeat, but it only has the guitar strumming and Jack Black’s vocals and no other percussive sounds which leave a fairly spare sounding track. Since this was a music video first and foremost, there are no sound effects added to punch-up the action on screen. The action is over-the-top as we have come to expect from John K and crew, and so it just seems to be begging for sucking, licking, popping, squishing and humping sound effects. With the addition of those, the video would be perfect.

The highlights of the video are the outstanding painted background crowd scenes showing off the combined talent of John’s expansive cartoon design imagination and his painter’s extremely appealing color styling and execution (which John has been talking a lot about on recent blog posts). The animated action in front of the backgrounds is fun too, and goes by so quickly that it begs to be watched in slow motion just to absorb everything that happens. Not that there is too much plot to figure out– mostly this is a feast for awesome cartoon enthusiasts who have been hungry for new John K and crew output for a while now.

Additional links: I believe the outstanding backgrounds were painted by Nick Cross and Marlo Meekins, and maybe Kristy Gordon– even if she didn’t check out her paintings and comics!

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