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Bill Wray's Cartoon Blog Korgoth of Barbaria backgrounds

So it seems you can’t just take a cartoonist and beat the cartoons outta him until he becomes a fine artist landscape painter— there will still be the cartoon energy stored deep within, in the core of the cartoonist’s being, waiting, undulating in its own filth and ANGRY. Hence Bill Wray’s new Mad About Cartoons can be read both ways, yes, Bill loves cartoons, is one of the great background painters throughout the cartoon ages and is still kickin ’em around, and yes, Bill is MAD about the way cartoons get made these days as is anyone who gets a close-up look at the process. For example: Why isn’t Aaron Springer’s KORGOTH of BARBARIA (watch it HERE!) signed into production yet for Adult Swim (backgrounds pictured above are from Korgoth)? Are they out of their gourds? They produced one pilot episode of perhaps the greatest cartoon of the new millennium months and months ago, and then…. nothing. Anyway, surely Bill will be piling on the awesome over at his new blog in the future so checkitout. (Via Cartoon Brew, natch.)

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Damn straight, Korgoth is the single most bad ass cartoon I’ve seen in a long time. If we don’t get at least a full seasons worth of more of that I’ll be ready to march into Adult Swim headquarters and rip a guys face off with his pony tail.

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