I Am So Pissed

Mad Deli Meats

Still. From yesterday. I bought like 13 dollars of fresh meats and cheese from the deli and I even got these real tasty rolls and so how did my meat and cheese not end up in my bags that I took home with me. I paid for that sheez. I am so hungry.

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I sold a couple of books (Acme Novelty 15 and the Black Hole GN) on ebay for about 3 dollars each, so with shipping it was like $9 profit, which was bad enough- but then when ebay went to collect my $2.50 sellers fee, it turned out I hadn’t updated my new bank account info, and I got charged an extra 15 dollars for the f-up. FUCK EBAY I HATE IT.

I’m pissed for being stuck in a scum pit town. Walking through central city at night is like saying “Please beat me up” to all the wankstas that like to have fights outside the local bakery. I also hate going to gigs and seeing only 10 other people show up to a 70-100 person capacity place to see good bands perform. Where’s the freakin’ culture?! One more year and then I’m out of this dump.

I’m with you, Matt.

I got stuck at a third-tier school in a po-dunk area of OHIO (look up J. Crew U) even though I got accepted by some of the best schools in the country, all because my parents lied to me about having saved up ANY MONEY AT ALL for college! I’m wasting my time and what little money I have here while my friends are out there living the frickin’ dream! I want to get out, but my parents won’t let me; they don’t want me to have to live with years of debt…well dammit, everyone is now! Don’t they know that I spent my entire childhood studying just to get into a good college and OUT OF OHIO? No one here has even heard of Meathaus, Buster Keaton, R. Crumb, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jimmy Corrigan, Struwwelpeter, Tim Schafer…basically anything I’m interested in! I coulda been in New York or Chicago RIGHT NOW! I’m stagnating here! And fucking ALONE!!!

Wow, did I ever need to VENT!!!

Thank you, Meathaus!

Hey, I have a huge loan, roughly 20-30k. Do it! If you’re going to a good school then chances are you’ll be able to get a good job and pay it off fast. Better than wasting away in a pit of dribble.

Too right, Matt, too right. I have made up flashcards for the little “heart-to-heart” my parents and I are going to have this weekend. I’m hopped up on stale cafeteria coffee and I’m PISSED, folks.

My friend got mugged in NYC last night. They roughed him up and stole his jacket, backpack, Ipod, camera equipment… If I could push a button that would instantly vaporize the guys who did it I would. I might regret it later, but I would.

My sister is at a Brooklyn college and her boyfriend left the campus a few months back at night and was beat over the head with a brick by three guys and strangled with his own shoelace and mugged… they basically tried to murder him. Those guys should be vaporized too. He was OK, but might still get headaches.

Shit, that’s a lot worse.

It feels kinda weird that I just wrote that I would vaporize people. I wonder if I really would…. I might. It’s a discomforting thing to ponder- the ol’ “What would you do if you couldn’t get caught” question. Probably some nasty shit- if just to see what it feels like. There’d be no going back, you’d become a monster, but you’d probably be pretty happy about it.

I’m pissed becuase someone has been stealing my newspaper. We all like to sleep in on the weekends, but that doesn’t mean you can help yourself to my paper!

It’s bad enought that I had a break-in last month. My laptop, digital camera, and piggy bank were taken. Yes, they took my frigg’n PIGGYBANK! It’s going to be a while before I financially recover.

So… my robbed quota has been filled. I don’t need petty nieghbors nabbing my NYtimes, thank you very much!

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