One Million Doodles For $1

Adam Brackney's One Million Doodles for One Dollar

Adam Brackney may be the first to attempt an internet art/ commerce stunt of this scale and it is something to think about. Adam proposes to create One Million Doodles for One Dollar. Will he do it? Is it possible? He writes and mentions that he has already reached 2000 doodles shipped as of now despite the nay-sayers, booze consumption, and the creative meltdown he had at around 1500.

Doing the math could be sobering… not that I’m gonna do it because I don’t have the facts. But say this thing blows up and Adam gets enough orders pouring in so that he could do this full-time… Then he’s gotta figure out what the average creation time for each doodle is, his average daily output, and the amount that brings in minus his costs of operating and shipping these babies out… and then that is the profit to live on. Oh yeah don’t forget taxes! If there are G’s moving around the tax man cometh sooner or later! …. could it all add up?

Let’s say you can do 6 doodles an hour and you put in 50 hours a week. That’s 300 bucks/ doodles. Roughly extrapolate that to a year at 52 weeks– that’s 15,600 bucks/ doodles, before taxes and costs with no vacation. Then, all Adam has to do is keep up that pace for about 64 years and he should reach one million doodles! Awesome, that is dedication. Get you doodles today.

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[…] There was a nagging feeling in my mind as I wrote the recent One Million Drawings for $1 post that I was forgetting several other large online artist experiments already in progress. Finally I remembered thanks to Aeron Alfrey’s comment that he has his own Creature Feature project well under way to create 1000 individual monster drawings that he is selling online via his Skeleton Cave blog for $5 individually or $3 each if you purchase more than 5 (previously mentioned here). These prices are more than reasonable, they are even crazy cheap. Aeron seems to be attacking his massive project quite well and is most likely close to half finished his 1000 creatures by now. Aeron’s other awesome blog Monster Brains is here. […]

Looks to me like Adam is walking into a nightmare, back orders for 20,000 drawings for only a dollar with free shipping. There are only 20-something drawings on the site at the moment, he’s clearly going to get frustrated and prematurely embittered if he makes the orders. If not he’ll still be frustrated and embittered but with a vague feeling of being on the run from a huge number of 1 dollar creditors.

“I’d be extremely flattered if you’d write a story exclusively for me sometime. I’m an avid reader.”

I told her I certainly would, if I could. I said that I wasn’t terribly prolific.

“It doesn’t have to be terribly prolific! Just so that it isn’t childish and silly.” She reflected. “I prefer stories about squalor.”

J.D. Salinger, For Esme with Love and Squalor

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