Stefan Gruber’s Instant Runoff Voting Cartoon

Instant Runoff Voting: This makes so much sense it hurts. It is in use around the world. What are the disadvantages? I don’t know, I’d be happy to hear them. As of now, it just seems like an amazing proven concept in voting. Undoubtedly, this would make voters realize even more that their vote does indeed count. It could reinvigorate participation in our democracy. I wonder if there are national possibilities for this? Combine this with the requirement that all voting machines leave a paper trail and we could regain trust in the process at the same time as improving it. Who could possibly argue that that would be a bad thing? Wouldn’t it be amazing for all sides of our country if we could all put the “conspiracy theories” about election fraud behind us through a rock-solid voting infrastructure? Why is this not a priority for the government? Cartoon by Stefan Gruber.

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