John Kilduff Goes Global

John Kilduff paints Tyra Banks

After creating the perfect TV show, it’s not like John Kilduff has much more to prove. All he needs to do is keep pumping the creativity juices out of all of us through sheer enthusiasm, and all the rest is gravy. For example, it’s no big deal, but Kilduff’s gone global: Reuters wrote an article on him and he recently spent 2 minutes on a treadmill painting a portrait of Tyra Banks of all people during an America’s Got Talent type show taping. In his latest Lets Paint episode, John paints an apple over an unfinished painting of David Hasselhoff which may or may not have also been part of another talent show type tryout. Keep up the good work John! You are a champion.

But that’s not all. John needs help for the upcoming DOO DAH Parade in Pasadena! He writes “I’m looking for an art grunt/tech guru/? who knows a little bit about everything so I can parade down Colorado Blvd Painting, Exercising, Cooking, and giving play by play of everything that happens during the 1 mile march (not really that long). I figure I need a PA system, a generator, and some sort of flat bed. I have everything else. Plus I want to video tape too. Who’s game?” Get in touch with John at! (John is previously noted here and here)

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