Ancient Justice In Your Ear

Ancient Justice Ay Jays Mix Tape free download

Beard Records has a re-gift for you, and it’s DIGITAL. How’d you like the Ay Jays Mix Tape under your pillow? What’s that? It’s only the second GREATEST HITS collection from the most freetarded band on all three sides of the Mississippi: ANCIENT JUSTICE. An acquired taste, Ancient Justice holds no bars, skins the cat, and powers its way to the primitive part of your brain on a sonic maelstrom of instant jamz! Every track is written and recorded simultaneously! Is that a manifesto or an excuse? I’ll take MANIFESTO bitches.

Sample and download each track individually on LastFM here or grab yourself a ZIP of the whole CD from Beard Records here. Pictured above, Ancient Justice live at the release party for Meathaus #5 or #6 in NYC.

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